Sabre Films was set up by Michael Anderson and Nick Squire in 2011 to develop and produce “The Hatching” followed by a further two original screenplays conceived by Nick Squire to be made in Britain with British talent and British investment.   The first 3 screenplays are set in and filmed on location in the West Country and are envisioned as darkly comic celebrations of England’s wild South West.

Michael Anderson – Producer


Michael Anderson is an award winning director, producer and cinematographer. He worked for RSA, Ridley Scott’s production company, over a ten-year period as director of photography. He haas worked as a commercials director for top advertising agencies around the world.

The first drama he directed, ‘The Man Who….’. a biopic of the celebrated cartoonist, H.M. Bateman was nearly twenty years ago, since when Michael Anderson has developed, directed, and co-written screenplays for six feature films, including “Page 3”, “Right of Admission”, “Room 8” “Animal’s People”, “Henry5” and “The Hatching”. He has also written an original libretto for a musical comedy called ” Sell Everything. Buy Fish – The Musical”.


Michael has gained a wealth of experience from working on such features as “Tommy”, “Superman” and “American Werewolf in London”, “Moonlighting”, “Dance with a Stranger”, “The Rise and Fall of Idi Amin” and many more. He is hugely experienced, directing programs for a wide range of different media platforms including flagship documentaries for Channel 4, CNN and Turner television.

Michael has secured the film rights for the Booker Prize runner up novel “Animal’s People”. He is Director/ Producer for the feature film adaptation to be shot entirely on location in India.

Michael directed and co wrote the highly acclaimed black comedy feature film, “The Hatching”, through his production company Sabre Films Ltd.

Although new to the gaming world, Michael is excited at the prospect of developing the games inspired by the trilogy of black comedy feature films that he has developed, ‘The Hatching”, about hungry crocodiles on the loose, ‘Attack of the Werepoodle”, that features a poodle that turns into a werewolf and “The Beast of Bodmin”, that plays on the stories of a legendary beast.


Nick Squire – Producer

Nick Squire Image

Nick Squire is the co scriptwriter and originator of “The Hatching”. He is co partner in the production company Sabre Films with Michael Anderson, which was set up as an SPV in order to produce the feature film “The Hatching”. Nick Squire has co written the film “Attack of the Werepoodle, .his second feature film. Nick has been responsible for developing the trilogy of black comedies. He will be involved in raising the finance to produce the next film along with exploiting all rights for TV, DVD and other media platforms.

Nick Squire is the CEO and owner of the highly successful company, Sabre Stone Ltd.