Tim Webber, a teenager at boarding school and his friends Bahgi and Nick take a dare to sneak out of the dormitory one night and steal crocodile eggs from a nearby zoo, the prank ends in tragedy with Nick being killed and Tim taking all responsibility. His future is changed forever as he is expelled.

Some fifteen years later, after the death of his father, Tim returns home to Somerset to run the family stone masonry, accompanied by his girlfriend Lucy. But there is a sinister undercurrent to the idyllic village setting that seems to harbour a dark secret. People have been disappearing, and it all seems to be centred around the old quarry.

Tim meets up again with his old friend Bahgi and to their horror clues mount. It appears that the time has come for both Bahgi and Tim to pay for their actions of years ago. Those crocodile eggs that came home with Tim hatched. When they got too big Uncle Stan, a reptile keeper, loner and a bear of a man, was supposed to give them to the zoo. But did he?

Unbeknown to Tim and his family, Uncle Stan took them to a secret location to live naturally. The only snag though was that as his “beauties’ grew much bigger, the offal from the village butchers was just never quite enough for their appetites. That’s when locals and farm animals started to  disappear and the villagers began to think something evil was afoot.

Events sweep Tim into the limelight. By the time he and Bahgi figure out what lies beneath the disappearances it is almost too late. Uncle Stan and his partner in crime, butcher’s son and social inadequate, Caesar, take a step too far when they kidnap a local girl, two of the masonry workforce and Lucy, Tim’s girlfriend. The free supply of meat is divided between them. The good bits go into Caesar’s home made local pies and the rest goes to the crocs.

Now the whole village becomes involved with Tim at the helm and they take on Uncle Stan, Caesar and the crocodiles with a vengeance. An almighty fracas ensues with Uncle Stan meeting a gristly end and Caesar being captured and sectioned.

Tim and Bahgi right the wrongs that they set in motion all those years ago. The villagers happily return to their lives. Peace again settles over the community….Or does it? Could that be the chirp of croc babies hatching we hear